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Employee Surveys - Tips to Engage your Employees


Who is carrying your
Employee Engagement

In a typical organization, half of the managers are not fully engaged - so how likely is it they will actually engage others?

Employee Surveys, Action Planning and your Employee Engagement Index


Is your organization’s
engagement one

big cluster?

How different would your organization’s action planning efforts be if you applied a lean manufacturing mindset to this picture?

Measuring Employee Engagement with Employee Surveys


Is your measure of
engagement as good
as it could be?

Many organizations boil their measure of engagement down to one ‘magic number,’ such as an overall favorability score. Recent research suggests you can do better!


What They Say

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"The TNS team is one of the best in the industry, providing a depth of knowledge and exceptional service."

Lonnie Sue Sutton, Organizational Development
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" I want to thank you for the time, energy effort and attention you gave in helping to make our Employee Engagement Feedback sessions with the Executive and Leadership Teams a success... I have heard nothing less than positive comments about the sessions and the data received. You have certainly helped raise the credibility of the Human Resources function. I commend you for this and for your unwavering support of our team and what we attempted to, and have, accomplished with these first meetings."

Don Holmes, Executive Vice President of Human Resources
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“TNS is a valued business partner of Brown-Forman due to the services they provide to us. TNS meets our high standards of quality and we are confident that our data and information is handled with the utmost attention to integrity and confidentiality.”

Director, Organizational Development
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"At each step of the survey process, from concept development through survey and design and follow-up, TNS was extremely responsive and added real value to this important activity."

Senior Vice President, Human Resources


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